Dating in the Age of SMS


Ours is the age of  ‘sick hurry and divided aims’; and mobile with its cheap SMS fits the bill. Teen aged lovers have few opportunities to say sweet words and exchange furtive glances at will. Everybody is under time pressure. So SMS comes handy in expressing one’s love for another in no time. The barriers of distance and the interferences of spoil-sports are overcome.

Most youth have neither the time nor the patience to write love letters which may cause trouble if fallen in the wrong hands. Young lovers may be reprimanded for igniting their passions early. Parents would always insist on career which is often marred by romance. But the fond parents do buy mobiles for their sons and daughters just to keep track of them. And the young lovers whether in school, college lose no time in using their mobiles to contact and chat with their lovers. SMS is God-send as it transmits the cupid’s message without anybody’s knowledge. Old-fashioned parents and grand-parents get no inkling of the secret love of their wards.

The brevity of SMS language also helps to communicate instantly. But the delight and the advantage of instant love turns sour when the lovers change their heart and ditch their partners for a better one. There may not be long gap between the messages of ‘I love you’ and ‘I don’t want to c u’. Romeos are left to sigh: ‘Love is not love/ Which alters when it alteration finds,’ But how many can swear ‘O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark’?. It is an age of flux. So lovers depart with heavy hearts when they find jobs in other cities or transferred to remote places. Love and faithfulness have now, like medicine, an expiry date. Some try to find a new way to keep the fire going and engage in phone sex, others explore free chat line with strangers to find something fresh and exciting.

But instant love can often turn into outrageous violence. Then it is the girls who get hurt. They hang on to the memory of their old lovers, analyze the causes of estrangement and suffer the agony. Boys often focus their heart and soul to building their career. After all, there is no end to the climbing the ladders of success! Life must be enjoyed to the brim. Fast cars, posh bungalows and a fat bank balance are a necessity for social status. They must be won at any cost. But a jilted girl find it difficult to re-focus and rebuild her career.

If the parents become barriers between lovers SMS again helps lovers to elope to unknown destination. Only the lucky couple find job and the rest struggle to get a footing in the world of rat race where thousands resumes chase a handful vacancies. There are touts who trap you with the promise of getting a break into a blockbuster and lead you to ‘casting couch’. But the dreams as well as the touts vanish as soon as the director or the producer is entertained as a price for a lucrative career.

Love has many pleasures but violent is certainly one of them. Recently a call centre girl was stabbed 33 times by her ex-boyfriend simply because she agreed to marry a boy of her parents’ choice. A romance that begins with SMS should not end with its dumping in the ditch to camouflage the death of the lover.

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